Standard Operations Manual

Create your Standard Operations Manual, by clicking on the book icon, on the top right, next to the help bubbles, on every page.

Give specific instructions to your operations; for example, in Distribution instruct the staff NOT to pack the bread before it has thoroughly cooled, as it loses its crispiness and tarnishes quickly.

You may create checklists using this tool – use them to train new staff and also to remind them how to do their job.


Create a checklist of all the documents run your business and store the checklist somewhere like the Customer List.

For example:

  1. Load Production > Cut & Shape and Print
  2. Filter “sliced” in Item and Print
  3. Load Distribution > Pick & Pack and Print
  4. Load Distribution > Delivery Notes
  5. Load Delivery Notes and Print
  6. Load Driver Report and Print
  7. Go to Finance > Unprocessed Data, review invoices and Publish
  8. Export Published Invoices to Accounts