Organise Delivery Routes & Settings

  1. The order stipulated in the Route Manager generates the Distribution (Pick & Pack) report so that orders are packed in delivery order.
  2. Customize Packing Slips in Distribution > Settings > Dispatch.  You may set a bespoke message everytime you generate the packing slips.
  3. You may override the generic Packing Slip settings by address: for example, do not to show delivery prices in general, but override this for a specific address where driver collects cash on delivery (CoD)   [Customer] > Address > Edit.
  4. Set the nominal code to be exported to accounts (for delivery charges) in Distribution > Settings > General settings.
  5. You may set Delivery Rules and Delivery Charges per customer address

Organize routes in delivery order.
Distribution > Settings > Route Manager
Click, drag & save.