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There are two types of recipes: Prep and Serving. Recipes may be used as Ingredients in other Recipes.

The Recipe Book is automatically populated with Prep Recipe names that appear in the Master Item Catalogue. They are ready to create the Recipe.

Every item has a Recipe. It may be composed of a Prep Recipe and additional ingredients, such as a bag, label, seeds and so on.

Recipes are used to populate daily Recipe Cards with the total amount required to fulfill current orders.

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You may create additional Recipes and Recipes may be used as ingredients in other Recipes. For example, you may make a Biga Recipe and then use this in a Ciabatta mix.

You may increase the required yield by a set percentage. To increase the required yield by a fixed amount, create an item and place a standing order.  For example, create the item Extra White Dough and set a standing order for 1lb on Mondays, 2lbs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and 5lbs on Fridays and Saturdays.

A foreign ingredient is one that does not contribute to the total mix. For example, seeds on a seeded baguette. They are not part of the mix.


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The maximum capacity of the machine will help to split the recipe into various mixes, should the required amount be greater than the capacity of the machine.