Getting Started

Set custom prices

When a customer has bespoke prices, two asterisks** are displayed next to their name.

  1. Go to Items > Price Lists  and select the customer in question.
  2. Set custom prices. If no prices are set, the default price is used.
  3. Prices are effective at deadline. Historical prices are respected when changes are made.
  4. Price lists may be imported.
  5. You may attach a price list to a customer instead of setting bespoke prices.
  6. You may also edit a customer’s price list directly in the customer’s Item Catalogue.

As you enter orders, check that prices are correct so that invoices are generated correctly.

Organize Delivery Routes & Settings

  1. The order stipulated in the Route Manager generates the Distribution report (Pick & Pack > Labels & Boxes) so that orders are packed in delivery order.
  2. Customize Packing Slips in Distribution > Dispatch > Dashboard.  You may set a bespoke message every time you generate the packing slips.
  3. You may override the generic Packing Slip settings by address: for example, do not show delivery prices in general, but override this for a specific address where driver collects cash on delivery (CoD)   [Customer] > Address > Edit.
  4. Set the nominal code to be exported to accounts (for delivery charges) in Distribution > Settings > General Settings.
  5. You may set Delivery Rules and Delivery Charges per customer address.

Organize routes in delivery order.
Distribution > Settings > Route Manager
Click, drag & save.