Xero Bakery Software

Connecting Xero to Streamline

Go to Admin > Finance > Settings > Accounting and set to Xero (API).

Xero API Bakery

Click ‘Set up accounting software settings’

Xero Bakery Sofwtare

Mapping Settings between Xero & Streamline

Xero Dashboard
  1. Map ‘Delivery’ in Streamline to ‘Delivery’ in Xero
  2. Export or Pair Items
  3. Export or Pair Customers
  4. Pair Tax Rates
  5. Pair Bank Accounts
  6. Pair Payment Types
Xero Accounting Software

Exporting Invoices

Credit note


Credits must be raised per delivery and only for items that were on that delivery.

This implies that if a customer is on weekly invoicing, individual credits must be raised per delivery