Requesting the credit

A credit must be requested from the customer module, either by the customer or an administrator.

Credits may only be requested for items that have been delivered.  That means they are listed on a packing slip.

Credits menu

To initiate a credit request, go to the relevant customer’s tab Ordering > Credits

Request credit

The amount to be credited must be equal to or smaller than the quantity delivered.

A reason must be given for the credit request.

The credit request must then be either approved or rejected by an admin.

If approved, a credit note is raised and published to the customer’s credit library.

To approve or reject the credit, go to Admin > Finance > Credits > Unprocessed.

If approved, the credit note is created and instantly published to the customer’s invoice library and is ready for export to accounting.

Credits Unprocessed
Credit note


Credits must be raised per delivery and only for items that were on that delivery.

This implies that if a customer is on weekly invoicing, individual credits must be raised per delivery