1. After logging in to your system you should create a link from your website to point to that address and eventually give that to your customers.
2. Your username and password are provided in the start email!  Please change the password when you log in.

Please check if all is set according to the list below

Manage customer Standing orders, one-off orders and Late orders. Learn more here.

To learn more about Distribution options please go here.

To learn more about Delivery Routes, go here.

Manage Settings, Cut & Shape, Dough. Learn more here.

Learn about Settings, Unprocessed data, Invoices, integration with Accounting systems and more here.

Manage Credits, learn more here

Master Catalogue. Set product availability, visibility, edit product parameters. To learn more about production time, go here.

Quick items editing. Learn more here.


Price Lists. Set custom prices. To learn more, go here.


Enable e-mails, please go here.


Add users and manage permissions and access to addresses. Learn more here.

Customers. Please check if each customer has proper settings (Addresses, Contacts).

Learn how to manage your recipes here.

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