Streamline delivers immediate and lasting value.

The initial fee includes:

  • Data setup
  • Full training

$0.29 per delivery includes unlimited:

  • Software upgrades
  • Customer support by phone and email
  • Data maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Hosting
  • 4 daily backups

Clean, honest pricing.  No minimum contracts.

$0.29 per delivery

Minimum monthly charge = $125/mo.

Data set up & training, starting at $499

Set up costs depend on the size of your data.

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Unlimited  support by phone and email


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Streamline is marketed as bakery software, however, it is also a service.  Hence the ongoing, monthly fee.

Streamline brings cost savings, improvement in customer service, better communication amongst the team and fewer mistakes.

You are probably using a spreadsheet like Excel to manage your orders.  If you are, you most likely know how spreadsheets break and take up a great deal of frustrating time to diagnose and fix.

The same happens in databases and managing this is part of our service.

You are outsourcing to us the maintenance of your data and the system.  Of tantamount importance, we provide customer service to you and to your customers who use the system.  This is one of the keys to our pricing model.

Logically, the larger the number of users, the more work we do.

Larger databases use more memory and more bandwidth. Even a small database quickly consumes a backup drive.  Hence, the bigger the data and traffic, the higher the costs.

Important to note that costs to you are in line with your income.  We only charge for a transaction that makes you money.

We’ve been extremely happy with the system, it’s cut down our phone calls by 85% or more. 
Just about everyone is ordering on time now.   Late orders have become a thing of the past.
Kathy Mullen
Grateful Bread, Denver, CO

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