Self Service Ordering

Standing Orders/Weekly Orders

The black squares represent items in production for the current week.

A great visual cue to drill deadlines and turnaround times

Mobile Ordering – Wholesale

  • Loads order template ready for editing
  • Manage standing orders and carts
  • Send important messages to the production and distribution teams
  • Simple, clean and easy to use interfaces
  • Loved by busy, demanding chefs

Lightning fast

The Shopping Cart – Wholesale

  • The shopping cart works in tandem with the Standing Order window
  • Loads items on Standing Order for amending on a given date
  • Save order templates
  • Open template by default
  • Send samples free of charge.
  • The cart locks orders for items in production
  • Watch a 4-minute ordering tutorial

Retail Orders


Connect to WooCommerce in a flash!

Streamline extracts retail orders from WooCommerce and consolidates the orders with wholesale to one production report.

If you already have a WooCommerce online store, import items to the Master Catalogue.

Alternatively, create an online store by publishing items from your Master Catalogue.

Deadline & Late Orders

New clients often remind us how “late orders” become a thing of the past.

The order deadline is drilled continuously in login screens, standing order and cart and all email confirmation messages. 

Your customers don’t like phoning, emailing or texting you.

As you enter a late order, you create the packing slip and invoice and update all production and distribution reports.  Late orders are clearly marked in all reports.

Total Orders – Wholesale & Retail.  Weekly view

Streamline offers a plethora of reports, by item, by customer, date range, dough type etc.

As many reports as you can imagine!

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