Personalized Item Catalogue

The Customer’s Item Catalogue

  • Bespoke pricing
  • Show/hide items
  • Set templates and attach to customer
  • Organize columns
  • Prices net or gross

The Master Catalogue

  • Item costings are calculated from the item’s recipe. 
  • Import/export: work in a spreadsheet to make major changes to the catalogue, then import again
  • Unlimited price lists
  • Set deadline time by item or by item group
  • An item’s production time is the time from order to delivery
  • Add as many attributes (columns) as you like. For example, recommended retail price, delivery temperature, shelf life, etc.
  • Streamline supports metric and imperial systems

Seasonal Products and Templates

  • Show/Hide item to all customers: a great feature for switching seasonal products on and off.
  • Templates: choose which items to show or hide from the catalogue and save as a template.  Attach the template to a customer.

Streamline connects to WooCommerce

If you already have an online store, simply import your item catalogue and all retail orders from WooCommerce will be automatically extracted and consolidated with wholesale orders in one production report.

To set up an online store, simply export your item catalogue to WooCommerce.

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