Management Accounting – GP & AR

Streamline automatically calculates gross profit per item and per customer, taking into account the items costs from its recipe and the price for the customer.

The accounting module integrates seamlessly with the inventory and order management system.

Automate invoicing and gain greater visibility over costs and profits.

Accounting Features

  1. Gross Profit – by Customer & Item
  2. AR- Live Statements
  3. Online Invoicing and Credits
  4. Accounting Software Integrations
  5. Features: Discounts, Order Minimum & Averages
  6. Settings: Bank accounts, Payment Terms and Types, Tax Rates

Gross Profit – Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers: by Customer and by Item

  • GP & sales reports by item and by customer: best to worst
  • Gain control with more accurate accounting
  • Takes into account the customer’s custom prices per item
  • Filter by date range 

Accounts Receivable & Customer Statements

Extract payments to invoices from Xero, Quickbooks Online, and Quickbooks and reflect accounts receivable in Streamline.

Statements are live and up to date. Customers may view, download and print statements, invoices, and credits from their finance module.  

Automatic email reminders are sent when accounts become overdue

Accept returns – damaged, sale or return, undelivered etc. Issue credit notes

Online Invoicing & Credits

  • Invoices are automatically generated, ready for publishing
  • Published invoices are instantly posted to the customer’s invoice library
  • Batch process and mass publish invoices
  • Batch multiple invoices to print all in one click, email or download the batch.
  • Your customers may give access to their bookkeeper or accountant to access the invoices
  • Select which customer users receive invoices
  • Accounts Receivable and self-service statements: post payments to invoices or import from Xero, Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online.  Account balances are live and up to date.
  • Accept returns and issue credits

Never send an invoice or statement again!

Accounting software integrations

Connect to Xero & Quickbooks

Streamline integrates seamlessly with Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online and Xero.  

It also exports to Sage, MYOB, Visma, Surf and more…

If your accounting software supports importing sales invoices, consider it done.

Accounting Features & Settings

Settings by Customer

Customer Settings
  • Unlimited price lists and bespoke pricing
  • Unlimited discount rules
  • Set invoicing frequency per customer: 
    • daily 
    • weekly
    • monthly
    • ad hoc  
  • A customer may have multiple delivery addresses. 
  • Consolidate all deliveries to one invoice, or raise one invoice per delivery.
  • Option not to generate the invoice, for example, own shop or farmers markets.
  • Paperless billing
  • Set multiple contacts to receive invoices

Discounts, Minimums & Averages


  • Create unlimited discount rules
  • Assign one rule per customer
Discount rules
Minimum order

Order Minimum

  • Set a generic order minimum.  Below this, no orders are accepted
  • Set a minimum for delivery: below this minimum, orders are held for pick up
  • Set a minimum by item quantity
  • Streamline also supports complex delivery charging, by address

Standing Order Average

Set an average spend per delivery. If the average is met during the week, any delivery charges that we applied are refunded to the customer.

SO Daily average

Bespoke reporting

If your business has bespoke requirements, we take great pride in ensuring that we understand and deliver a solution that addresses your needs. Contact us, and we′ll work together to tailor a solution for you.

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