The Bretzel Bakery, Dublin

“If only everybody would do something like that!”

Streamline has truly revolutionized our business.

As Managing Director of the Bretzel Bakery, I would like to personally
advocate and thank Mountain Stream, specifically Adam and Axel for
their work, dedication and continued support.

They’ve proved to be reliable, integral partners of the Bretzel Bakery.
They’ve brought us much more than just software.

We are delighted with the system at every level, the bakery staff, the
office, the management team – and of tantamount importance – all of
our customers.”

  • William Despard
    Managing Director
  • The Bretzel Bakery
    Portobello, Dublin.
    est. 1870

“It’s much easier, instead of relying on a phone call
to place the order…

…and the invoices, it’s been great, you don’t have to rely on, again, that
phone call, waiting for a few days or a week or so for them to send the
documentation that you need it’s already there in the system.”

  • Gerardette Mc Kee
    Bretzel’s Customer
  • Lime Tree Cafe
    Dublin, Ireland

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